Monday, June 05, 2006

There is crying in softball

Because women play sports too (fucking Title IX. Joking.), the ladies will be starting the championship of this little game we've come to know as softball Monday.

The Pac-10 owns this sport, so it's no surprise to see a team from that conference in the championship series. The Arizona Wildcats will be taking on the Northwestern Wildcats, while the respective athletic directors look into mascots that are a bit more original than "Wildcats" -- like the "Bears" or something. The action begins this afternoon in Oklahoma City.

Northwestern beat top-seeded UCLA Sunday, which keeps the Bruins' total championships at 99. Also, No. 3 seed Texas, led by Wild Cat Osterman, was bounced after they lost to UCLA on Saturday.

Because you're likely wondering, the lady pictured is former Arizona and Team USA pitcher Jennie Finch, who may be calling the action during the telecast. Finch is rather attractive, which is good. What is not so good is that she is a terrible commentator. During today's telecast (figuring she's calling it), we don't expect her to:

a. shy away from rooting for U of A
b. sound smart
c. say anything relatively insightful.

Though Finch will be expected to look good. She is, after all, a pretty hot wildcat.

In other news: St. Louis liquor stores saw a dramatic increase in alcohol sales Sunday after the Cardinals announced they have placed Albert Pujols on the DL.


schlik1 said...

Hey guys,

are yall going to wait til the World Cup starts before you start sounding off. The countdown is under 5 day til the madness begins. Any ideas for who has the best preview? Who we should all watch etc? If you need some help just let me know.

insomniac said...

2-4-6-8, who's going home to mens-tru-ate? Bruins! Bruins! Goooo..Bruins!

zzzzzzzzzz said...

softball sucks

NFL Adam said...

Jennie Finch is one overrated broad. Cat is actually hotter (and left handed).

Mike said...

Female soccer players are much better looking than softball players... can you say Heather Mitts?

Anonymous said...

you know who is the most worthless annoucer ever? lisa fernandez. she needs to get off her damn pedistool and just call the game, i hate that dumb bitch.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

sorry for me building up the whole Finch thing. she didn't even fucking call it. too bad.

nice call with fernandez, anonymous.

insomniac said...

I can't say I've paid enough attention to know who was announcing the games, but whoever keeps calling bunts a "gutsy" play needs to stop. It's girls' softball. The basepaths are 60 feet. Bunting and slap hitting are 80% of the game!

Anonymous said...

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