Saturday, June 17, 2006

U.S. soccer: 'let's just not look silly'

The United States has a group of men that they sent to Germany a week or so ago that plays on a field against other groups of men from other countries.

When these group of men got together on the playing field last week, they were badly embarrassed. Today, against the country famous for pizza, pasta and (insert your racist Italian joke here), these men will try not to look silly.

The United States soccer "team" -- as they like to call themselves -- will take on favored Italy and try not to get eliminated from the World Cup. It would make many Americans upset, because, all of a sudden, people in the States are buying into this game where no hands are used. Strange that a game where a person with no arms could theoretically succeed, is so popular.

Well, we suppose that's a good thing for people without arms.

In other news: Jerry Stackhouse was suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals after he told Shaq that Kazaam "fucking sucked."

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The Analyzer said...

Here's a good article about how the Americans feel about the team.