Saturday, June 17, 2006


We know we were just gone for a week, meaning The Big Picture was not very cool with infrequent posts.

Now we have to go away again, for about 5 days -- this time for a staff retreat for our job. So the site will suck again this week, right?

No. Definitely not. We have turned to some of the best bloggers out there to help us out for the week while we're gone.

So here's the deal:
  • NFL Adam from the whoop-ass The Hater Nation will be posting here Monday and Thursday.
  • The Tar Heel from the still sexy YAYsports! NCAA and MLB will be posting Tuesday and Thursday.
  • And our pal Jamie, from El Cerrito, Calif. will be posting Wednesday.
So there you have it. The Big Picture promises to be cool -- if not better than normal -- while we're away. This way you can catch up on your reading while realizing how much you hate your job.

Enjoy the guests this week, treat them well, and we'll see you Friday.

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