Friday, June 23, 2006

Isiah Thomas must hate the Knicks

Everybody's favorite cheap joke, Isiah Thomas, is once again going to be the butt of many jokes.

The Knicks fired head coach Larry Brown Thursday and replaced Brown with Thomas -- the NBA exec of the year.

Brown, pictured during happier times, coached the Knicks to a 0-82 23-59 mark last season. Isiah did not like that.

Brown was also criticized for his treatment of the players, namely Stephon Marbury, which is thought to be a factor in his firing. Thomas has a good relationship with Starbury and plans to play him at the 1 through 4 position next season. If Marbury decides he can't play four positions at once, Thomas is rumored to be in the market for a big-name guard.

Thomas has not discussed playing for the Knicks, though he will likely contemplate naming himself the captain.

In other news: Minnesota beat Houston 4-2 after striking for two early runs off of Rocket Man.


twins15 said...

As a Philadelphia 76ers fan, I fully endorse this deal.

Mini Me said...

Hey I just found your blog...I am over at The Knicks have turned into a joke of a franchise. Don't the Knicks know that Larry Brown is great in his second year with every team he coaches? Everyone is reporting he will go to the Bobcats, it makes sense with MJ and being so close to UNC. If I were Isiah I would have applied for the IU coaching job and gotten out of that mess that is the Knicks.

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Anonymous said...

Hello All Disgusted, Miserable, Die-Hard Knick Fans,

Sunday December 30th 2007
11:00 AM (Noon Game)

Protest in front of MSG to OUST ISIAH.
The time has come to raise our voices.

Knicks vs. Bulls (Sure to be another pitiful loss!)


Step up and push to get Isiah removed!