Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Those silly Italians

Photo from BBC.

The same country that brought you pizza, the mafia and grease now brings you a soccer team that is pretty good.

Italy got two late goals in OT to knock off Germany and advanced to the finals of the World Cup. They'll face the winner of today's match between Portugal and France.

We had a tough time rooting for either team. Seeing how it was the Fourth of July, and this was a game between two Axis Powers, this game didn't exactly ring, "Go America!" But for another main reason, we just couldn't root for Italy.

Why? Because they're softer than the ice cream at Dairy Queen. An intriguing article in Saturday's San Francisco Chronicle by the always readable CW Nevius discussed how the Italians are number one in the world at the swan dive.

The Italian players will brush up against an opposing player -- in Tuesday's match, a German player -- and fall down like he's been hit over the head with a 2x4. This is sending a terrible message to kids all over the world who now think the way to get a call is to fake an injury or bitch at the ref.

The Italians complain, act, whine, bitch, cry for Mommy, swear, curse, mope better than any other team in the World Cup. And now they're in the finals.

In other news: Takeru Kobayashi ate 53 hot dogs Tuesday at his Fourth of July barbecue.


Debby Hyde said...

The Italians are whiners, but the Portugese are just as bad. What a whimpy final that would make!

Benny said...

Agree with Debby...Portugal is just as bad. Don't want to see them hoist the cup. Let's see France win tomorrow and then beat Italy.

Mini Me said...

Great game today. How did he eat that many hot dogs? It is really unbelievable.

Dinur said...

for what it's worth, the ref was having none of the diving (as far as I could tell). What was also nice is he didn't feel like giving cards every other foul. I'm not a big Italy fan, but I didn't mind seeing them beat Germany.

Mike said...

If you were looking for dives... look no further than Portugal and the whining Ronaldo.

Anonymous said...

and now Italy has world cup...those silly Americans, Germans and French!