Monday, July 17, 2006

Celebrity Fans

Sports Illustrated is at it again with a list of the top celebrity fans in sports.

It's a pretty standard set of names; Ashley Judd of Kentucky and Matthew McConaughey of Texas are the one/two punch.

Not too many celebs show up at UW Husky games. Though, a year back, we were just delighted to see none other than the Reign Man, Shawn Kemp, at a basketball game.

We're not sure what Kemp was doing there -- perhaps watching one of his kids play, or just babysitting -- but he was a crowd favorite and a welcome sight.

So commenters, any famous celeb sightings at sporting events? Time to speak up. This is the time for our homies at The Hater Nation to talk about Kevin Costner.

In other news:
The 2006 ESPY's aired Sunday night and were hosted by Lance Armstrong's left nut.


insomniac said...

Well, when the Bruins are playing well, you're likely to see all kinds of celebrities at UCLA games. But it's more fun to try to find the B list celebs. Some that I've seen at games include:

Ted McGinley
Jaleel White
John Lithgow
Eric Karros
The Hoff.

If only The Hoff and Ted McGinley had been sitting together. That would have been a moment that could never be topped.

Mini Me said...

Shawn Kemp, wtf? That is pathetic. Shouldn't he being signing a paternity check somewhere?

Johnny Cakes but not gay said...

I guess they ran out of celebs:

NFL Adam said...

Oh yeah, we're kind of pissed about this. McAllister will be hearing from us.

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