Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Barbaro's hanging in there and perhaps fooling us all

There's not much recent news regarding everybody's favorite colt, Barbaro. There's a week-old article suggesting that Barbaro is stable, but still, the outcome's not looking great.

Though we did hear from Barbaro last week and the news was encouraging. He was in good spirits and likely still is. But the Mighty MJD, in an award-winning post last week, suggested that perhaps Barbaro really isn't so damn heroic after all and the whole thing is just a ruse.

Says MJD,
"This whole injury thing may be an elaborate ruse that he's staging because he's unhappy with the amount of apples that he's provided every day. In fact, he might be faking the whole goddamn thing. I don't trust Barbaro. Not even for a second. He's suspect."
This is really starting to make sense. What if Barbaro really faked the entire thing? Sure, the injury looked bad, but who knows, maybe the doc told him he had a twisted ankle, had to sit out the Belmont, and would be fine after that.

But Barbaro, sly as a fox, told the doc that it really hurt and told the horse-equivalent of Dr. Kevorkian to tell the media that he's really messed up.

Stay with us here, folks.

Barbaro's hanging out in the horsey hospital, getting all sorts of attention, watching hot women take on horses on TV from his hospital bed, and getting treated like a fucking rockstar. He's gonna try to milk this thing for all it's worth. Right?

So maybe MJD's right. Why should we trust Barbaro? He was certainly amicable in his letter to all of us, but still. Any horse can turn it on for the fans. He was saying all sorts of nice things, but he really could have just been thinking, "can't these people just leave me the fuck alone?"

Norv Turner Update: It's mid-July, training camps are in sight, and, yes, somehow Norv Turner is still employed by the San Francisco 49ers.

In other news: The White Sox acquired Kansas City closer Mike MacDougal Monday in exchange for technology that will erase any memory of KC's season.


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