Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July

When you are spending your holiday doing chores, catching up on sleep and watching re-runs of "Who's the Boss" getting piss drunk, here are some things to think about while feeling so proud to be an American:

-USA Soccer
-USA Baseball
-USA Hockey
-USA Basketball

Wait a sec...

In other news: Jose Canseco returned to the ball field Monday though said he's considering joining the Tour de France because, "I think I'll fit in well."


Mini Me said...

Did Canseco really say that? That is hilarious whether he did or not...Happy 4th of July!

JMC said...

I saw a bald eagle the other day. I felt patriotic

Benny said...

Don't forget Americans can't eat hot dogs either. So sad.

NIKEY said...

he'll fit right in tour de france. the organizers of the tour plan to disqualify cyclists who are non users of any kind of drugs.

Anonymous said...

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