Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NFL's most disappointing teams

We're past the halfway mark of the season and we know that the Saints are good and the Browns could win their remaining games and STILL be the worst team to ever play tackle football.

But sports blogs don't care about good teams. The media -- or in this case, a blog -- likes champions or complete, utter the Browns. It's not very fun to talk about how the Saints' defense is vastly improved or Adrian Peterson could run for a 150-yard touchdown because he's THAT good. We want losers, underachievers and misery.

While the Browns are mind-fuckingly fucking awful, we all knew that they'd be mind-fuckingly fucking awful. Others who have already thrown in the towel in 2009 weren't expecting such bad things.

Some teams that come to mind:

-Buffalo (3-6)
-Washington (3-6)
-Tennessee (3-6)
-Seattle (3-6)
-Chicago (4-5)
-Baltimore (5-4; two wins are over the Browns which don't count. Another is over the Chiefs which also doesn't count. So the Ravens are actually 2-4).

Somehow we feel that Chicago might be the most disappointing of all. The Bears were 9-7 last season, just missed the playoffs and did all of this with Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman at QB who don't count as real people. So they go out and get Jay Cutler who's good for throwing some touchdowns, nearly as many interceptions and being equally cocky doing both.

The Ravens, AFC Championship game contestants last season, have only two wins that matter (San Diego and Denver) and are in danger of missing the playoffs in the brutal AFC. The upcoming schedule doesn't help: Indy, two with the Steelers, Chicago and at Green Bay. They lose three of those and they'd be in real trouble.

Your most disappointing teams? Do tell in the comments...


Simon said...

The Jets... they started 3-0 including a win over the Pats. They've lost 4 games by 5 points or less, all essentially on the last drive of the game.

They went 9-7 last year with Brett Favre throwing int after int, they replace him with the #5 pick in the draft and replaced his salary with Bart Scott and Jim Leonard.

JMC said...

I'm pretty disappointed with the 49ers. They have a defense that should keep them in contention with anyone, a great RB, a great TE, and some solid WRs. But they have no QB or OL and so they suck.

GMoney said...

The Bears and the Ravens should both be Super Bowl-caliber teams.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The 'skins are an absolute trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

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Clariz said...

I'm guessing Detroit didn't make the list considering they haven't improved since their historically awful 08 season.

Either way I love your blog and I added it to my blog roll over at Wordpress. I run my own sports blog,, and after seeing one of my Twitter followers tweet a link to The Big Picture I figure I'd check it out.

Feel free to drop by sometime.

And yesh..there are no words to describe how monumentally disheartening this Bears season has been. I didn't put all of my faith eggs in one basket when they acquired Cutler even though I knew what he was like in Denver, but I didn't anticipate it being this bad.

Alex said...

PRO FOOTBAl in general SUCKS!

verbal space said...

um, yeah, this ones all bears (full disclosure: i've lived in chicago my whole life). we've said 'happy jay cutler day!' since we was acquired. we barely missed the playoffs last year and were predicted by many to finish high in the NFC. but more than cutler has failed...

we 'upgraded' a terrible o-line by signing a washed up old dude (pace) and another dude who had three good starts on his resume (omiyale). omiyale's been benched and pace has a 'concussion' from smacking his face in the turf after he gets beat.

'backers were upgraded with pisa tinoisamoa, or however you spell his name. urlacher goes down immediately, pisa goes too, and tommie harris got paid and no longer cares. this has all helped expose how shitty the cover-2 really is, since it's based entirely on personnel, which we no longer have.

so yeah, i think i'm done now. i say fire them from gm jerry angelo on down including the coaching staff. then hire either holmren or billick or somebody, anybody else.

balunov23 said...

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Host Pay Per Head said...

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