Monday, November 02, 2009

Insert Oregon into the BCS Title discussion

It's not likely that Oregon will have a shot at a BCS Championship -- the Ducks would have to have all sorts of help to get in the top two of the BCS standings. Probably need five of the seven undefeated teams in front of them in the BCS standings to lose, including Boise State.

Bad news for Oregon. Great news for Florida, Alabama and Texas. There hasn't been a more dominant team the last five weeks than Oregon. They're unstoppable on offense -- over 600 yards of total offense and nearly 400 RUSHING Saturday! -- and the defense is very good. Oregon's speed on offense versus Florida's speed on defense would be a game that we're sure many would like to see.

USC is admittedly shocked and felt like they kept getting punched in the face. It's hard to imagine an offense better than the Dennis-Dixon-led squad in '07, but this team's might be better.

It's seems like another season where Oregon lost to Boise State and lost it's star running back for the season. But the Ducks might be better off with the speed of LaMichael James rather than the bruising style of LeGarrette Blount.

Oregon travels to Stanford next week, followed by the Arizona schools and a Thursday Cival War date with Oregon State. Rolling off 11-straight wins to close the season seems very likely. A trip to Pasadena equally as likely. But will it be on Jan. 1 or Jan. 7?


rstiles said...

Masoli is the man...he is so highly under-rated and deserves to be in NY for the Heisman

JMC said...

they looked unstoppable on saturday. No wonder Cal got scraped

GMoney said...

They have no chance to play on the 7th. Their coach dressed like the mascot on Saturday...fag.

HM said...

I agree with GMoney on the Jan. 7 question. Let's assume Alabama gets absolutely destroyed by Florida by around 30. And Texas finds a way to lose, as does Iowa. Oregon in? Still doubtful.

I don't see Boise State losing another game. And they beat Oregon by 11. Would the powers that be pick Oregon over Alabama if Alabama lost to Florida by under 7? I doubt it.

HM said...

Maybe if the 13 or so teams in front of them in the BCS all lose they still get up there to make the title game?

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