Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bracketology in November: love it!

It's never too early to get Joe Lunardi going. Who are we kidding? The man finishes work in March and then takes a five-month vacation. Livin' the life...

Nonetheless, most teams have played less than three games and we're already looking at seeds. Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State and Texas all seem pretty safe as your November No. 1s. We love our Dawgs at a No. 3, getting a good draw with the Southland winner in Round 1 and a date with Tubby Smith's Gophers in the second round.

Perhaps our favorite part about these: the last four in and first four out!

Gonna be a lot of sweating for LSU (in) and some hanging heads for not getting that all-important Big East tournament victory (Marquette).

See the entire bracket in all of its glory here. College basketball, folks. Let's get excited!

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GMoney said...

Lunardi is cryogenically frozen with Ted Williams' head from April to October.