Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Torre done with the Yanks?

I know what you're thinking. That I'm out of New York like Lance Bass and the closest. Fuck that. If the Yanks don't want me, I don't want them, motherfucker.

If the Boss wants to blame another playoff series loss on me, he should be nervous to fall asleep at night. What about the players?

We were loaded this year. A-Rod, Captain Pussyman, Matsui... But come playoff time, Pussyman couldn't' tell the difference between a double play and a threesome. Alex's postseason woes continued. And the Rocket's rocket can't fire the heat anymore, if you catch my drift, motherfucker.

Let's remember here: we started 9-14, were 14 and a half back before nearly winning the division and had a pitching rotation even the D-Rays could rough up. I'm a fucking saint, motherfucker. Not a goat.

Verducci even picked me for Manager or the Year in last week's SI. You hear that. Fuckin' Manager of the Year. Verducci. We didn't even fuck or nothin'.

If the Yankees want to move in another direction, that's their loss. C'mon. Mattingly? He couldn't find his ass with a square of toilet paper. Girardi's the same way. And La Russa's a drunk.

Is this the end? That's like asking if the sky is green, and we all full well know it isn't green, motherfucker. I might be done in New York, but Joe Torre is never done. I'm the Manager of fucking Managers. I'm not done until I say I'm done. And that's the way it's gonna be. Motherfucker.


GMoney said...

Good job getting this exclusive. Joe Torre sounds pissed.

Donny said...

There's a good article on espn talking about how the fun has been sucked out of rooting for the Yankees because of their "win it all or failure" mentality. Sucks for Torre but it's largely out of his control, probably worst on the players who will never live up to expectations. A-Rod should tell the NY fans to fuck themselves and get 30 million somewhere else.

Kenny Knows Sports said...

You on Torre's side?

I'd rather kick it with Tori Spelling than Joe Torre. He is the motherfucker.