Friday, October 26, 2007

Fuck Boston, Part Deux

By request from readers John and Josh...

Fuck the Red Sox.

Game 2 can go eat an asshole. We don't care that Curt Schilling still plays baseball or that Matt Holiday got caught leaning. Sox fans can wipe their pansy-ass smiles off their faces and learn how to fucking talk right.

Fuck Boston College.

Was Doug Fluke-ie playing QB for the Eagles Thursday? This is not good for the purity of college football. Or maybe it is. You know there'll be hell to pay if BC and Ohio State are playing for a National Championship. Meanwhile, No. 32 loves the cock.

Fuck onside kicks

Fuck spelling "calendar" wrong.

Fuck Ben Affleck

Fuck the River Dance

Fuck chowder

Fuck Samuel Adams Boston lager

Fuck those alcoholics who order Sam Adams in the commercial.

Fuck Haaar-vad

Fuck Fleet Bank

Fuck KG

Fuck Bunker Hill

Fuck Aerosmith


Kevin Hayward said...

Yesterday was a good day to be a Bostoner, no doubt about it. But I wouldn't know.

I'm desperately hoping the Rockies can take a game or two at home to make this interesting, but I'm not sure it will happen.

GMoney said...

I'd rather have a Samuel Jackson. It'll get ya drunk!!! You might even fight a n*gga!!!

Please, matt, give us your blog's url.

Dinur said...

Matt's cheering for 3 douchey teams? Why am I not surprised?

JMC said...

well I for one was happy that BC pulled it out because if there's one thing I hate more than Matt, it's Virginia Tech. Plus this gives my 'Hoos the inside track on the ACC Coastal division (assuming we can, ya know, beat NC State, Wake, The U, and of course VT).

Anonymous said...

Haha, Boston's like Katt Williams about haters tho. If you only got 20 haters now, make sure you got 40 o' them muthafuckas by the end of the year, cuz you must be doin' something right.

T.C. Hill said...

hate on my hometown all you like...its your right


dont ever associate ben affleck with boston again

we hate him more than anyone realizes

that is the only thing about boston that i am ashamed of

The Beautiful Game said...

omg, fuck boston