Monday, October 15, 2007

Morning headlines - Testaverde wins, has ED

Vinny Testaverde is back in the league! And he won!

When Testaverde signed with the Panthers last week, we had a hilarious email string with some of our buddies from home, coming up with the most outrageous headlines possible for a QB who is older than time. So today, fun with Vinny headline form.

Here are some of the best from said email string. Leave us your best in the comments.

-The British Are Coming! Testaverde Signs With Panthers! One If By Land!

-Columbus finds new world, new quarterback for Panthers

-Testaverde Signs, to Dress in "White" locker room

-Carolina to battle Tampa Sunday with Testaverde, muskets

-Panthers sign Testaverde, league to abandon leather helmet


GMoney said...

Panthers Sign Testaverde, Steve Walsh Unavailable.

JMC said...

some of my favorites from the emails:

-Invention of electricity means Testeverde debut will be played at night

-Confucius Say, Testaverde Signs With Carolina!

-Smoke Menthols for Good Health! Testaverde a Panther.

-Carolina secedes from Union, gets new QB


Anonymous said...

Testaverde engineers Panthers to victory; Engineers break ground on "skyscraper"

These are too fun!!!!


Mookie said...

Panthers sign Testaverde, Lincoln shot and killed.

JMC said...

Knights called to Round Table, Testaverde called to Carolina.

Anonymous said...

testaverde signs with panthers, scientists discover third planet.

Mookie said...

Testaverde wins, gets portrait done by Da Vinci.

Anonymous said...

I love this game!!! Ok, a couple more:

-Testaverde, Union both victorious Sunday in Carolina

-Testaverde rolls in Panther debut; Wright brothers roll out "airplane"


Anonymous said...

Carolina sees the light: Testaverde wins, Edison discovers light bulb.

tenjay said...

and on the 6th day, god told testeverde to sign with the panthers

Christopher said...

Testaverde signed by Panthers, Desert wandering people find promised land

Egor announces success; remains of Darrell Green, Brett Favre, and George Foreman sewn together into Carolina QB.

Morten Anderson appalled at league's lack of age minimum, Testaverde demands new guys be given chance

Panthers now picking old guys out of the stands to play QB