Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Captain Pussyman strikes again

We know just over 800 blogs picked this up yesterday, but really any excuse to use "Captain Pussyman" in a headline is reason enough for us.

From the New York Daily News via Deadspin, via With Leather via blah blah blah:
Our spy in the lobby of the Shore Club in Miami early Sunday morning spotted "two scantily clad women screaming at the front desk because they had spent the night at Jeter's penthouse and were then charged for parking. The girls were wearing what looked like the same clothes they wore the night before - a tight cocktail dress and a mini-skirt. They were making a huge scene because they were asked to pay for parking.

"Obviously, they'd spent the night there," giggled the onlooker, who noted that one of the overnight guests was screaming into the phone, "After last night, he'd better [bleep]ing take care of it!"
So what did they do last night? Drink hot cocoa? Play Chutes and Ladders? Our money is on them having wild, hot, monkey, anal, NC-17 fun. But really, our guess is as good as any one's.

Shouldn't Capt. Pussyman be like upset that his team lost and all as recently as a week ago? That his manager is probably out the door? That the organization isn't sure where it's headed?

In all fairness, maybe he is upset. How would you make yourself feel better? Threesome!

Oh yeah, and why would he pick up their parking bill? It's not like it was his car. Two points, Pussyman. Two points.


GMoney said...

I am awesome at Chutes and Ladders.

JMC said...

What. A. Guy.

NFL Adam said...

The classy thing to do is validate parking. Hopefully the free clinc he will be visiting will have free parking.