Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thoughts on #756

The wait is over.

The post-home run ceremony was tasteful, we think, especially the Hank Aaron video-message tribute. It was a nice touch.

We aren't feeling anything, good or bad. Our reaction wasn't one of excitement or disapproval, joy or anger. We didn't cheer or boo. It was a feeling best expressed by a favorite quote: "So that happened."

Some fan -- not even a Giants fan -- just won the lottery.

And Mike Bacsik is the answer to a trivia question.


Dinur said...

The excitement level during that at-bat was something I don't think I've experienced at any baseball game I've been to. You felt something was going to happen in that at-bat, and the video tribute was very awesome.

Dinur said...

My first thought during the homer was "Man, Pedro Gomez has to be the happiest guy here - he can finally go home. Bud Selig is a close 2nd."

GMoney said...

Willie Mays "glasses on forehead" look was amazing.

Anonymous said...

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