Wednesday, August 01, 2007

RIP Bill Walsh

We grew up in the Bay Area when the Niners were in their prime. When Bill Walsh was implementing the best offense of all time. When Super Bowls became an expectation.

We're not good with obituaries, so we'll provide you with an email exchange with a close friend and diehard 49er fan.
let's all pour one out for the greatest coach of all time. in any sport. it's not really even possible to do what he did in any other sport. you can't invent an offense in baseball. even in basketball, if you invent an offense nobody in their right mind will actually be able to tell the difference. there's no equivalent to the west coast offense. and it's not just that he invented it, it's that it dominated football for damn near 20 years. g. he was a pure g.

i need to shit. it's going to be a bad shit. a hot one. messy. i have a day off from work today. too bad. i could have annihilated my work toilet.
Goodbye, Bill. You will not be forgotten.


rstiles said...

Walsh was one of those few men who changed the game coaching-wise in the NFL

Paul Brown said...

No kidding.

paul brown said...

great guy but it was paul brown's offense...walsh even said so...he didn't invent it he improved it