Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogger Reach-Arounds

Blogger Reach-Arounds" is The Big Picture's link dump that runs every Wednesday. But sometimes Thursday. But usually Wednesday. Send your links -- current posts or those within the last week -- to by Tuesday night.

College football starts today! Holy shit! Get your big foam finger, Bloody Mary and ass-groove ready for what should be a helluva season. Predictions and rankings aren't really our thing, but watch out for those Big East powerhouses to make a run at the National Championship. And Hawaii is totally our sleeper to make a BCS game.

Just got back from a two-day road trip where we might have drank all of the alcohol in the entire world. Nothing better than drinking with some homies on (in?) a river.

That's Amber. We're not sure that's her real name or not, and we're told that people often have last names. But here's some NSFWish pics of this "Amber." And don't even think about touching her...

1.) We're with our buddies over at Rumors and Rants: Lou Holtz is a fucking moron. And he probably has ED.

2.) The Money Shot tells us how the Tigers helped bury the career belonging to Mike Mussina.

3.) Our Book of Scrap finds more Madden stuff that will help destroy any shot of you getting laid.

4.) Stiles Points breaks down some of the big Week One college football games. We're not sure why Washington-Syracuse isn't on this short list.

5.) Flyers Fieldhouse has a fantastic list of the top 75 sports -- yeah, sports! -- of all time. While a great list, we think Flip Cup over Beer Pong is bullshit. You hear that Flyers Fieldhouse? Bullshit.

6.) If a blogger got his proverbial hands on Michael Vick, this is what the interview would sound like. Stupid Sideline Reporters, ugh, reports.

7.) Epic Carnival sits down with KSK's Unsilent Majority. Hey, we once talked to Unsilent...

8.) The Hater Nation should be your first stop for NFL previews. And satire. And cynicism.

9.) How hot chicks might be placed on a soccer field. The Beautiful Game provides your Thursday hard wood.

10.) Just Call Me Juice puts a smile on our faces: the shitty sports season is over!


GMoney said...

Take it easy on McBain, flipcup and basketball and drive-by's is all they have in Dayton.

McBain said...

Beer pong is a fascist, exclusionary sport where only four people max can play at a time.

Flip cup is the game of champions.

Simon said...

Unfortunately for you, your interview didn't result from dating him...