Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hang with Urban Meyer. It'll be fun! And really expensive!

If you happen to have $1 million lying around – and who doesn’t? – you can experience the pleasure that is hanging out with Urban Meyer.

In a prime example of creative fundraising, wealthy boosters can pay $1 million to share a meal in the home of Florida football coach Urban Meyer and spend the day with Meyer and his staff, complete with a session breaking down film. The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun reports this and other fundraising efforts will help a major renovation project at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Watching film with Coach Meyer sounds more like work than pleasure to us, but we imagine this could be the thrill of a lifetime for a Gators fan. The day-after conversation could go something like this:

Donor: Honey, it was... [catches breath and collects thoughts] ... Urban Meyer! He was right there! And we watched film! On Ole Miss! And he was wearing sweats!

Donor's Wife: What did Mrs. Meyer make for dinner?

Donor: Meatloaf! Best I've ever had! It was coated with ketchup! Heinz ketchup! Not that Albertson's-brand shit you buy! And Urban Meyer was there! In his sweats!

Donor's Wife: Get out.

That, folks, is the most expensive piece of meatloaf a man may ever eat. But...Urban Meyer! In sweats!

-Adam Landres-Schnur


Anonymous said...

Will his hottie daughter be there?

Run DMC 64 said...

If I'm paying 1 million big ones, that bitch better be making me at least some spaghetti.

My Hero Zero said...

For ten bucks Ron Zook will let you spit on him.

twins15 said...

If I had like $100 million, I would definitely consider this.