Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tony Homo will soon be banging Carrie Underwood full time

Some Thursday Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood talk for ya. Little tabloid-y, huh? Sorry. It's not really our thing, but with no Blogger Interview this week, we had to "fill the space," as they say in the newspaper business. We'll be back with those fun Q&As in two weeks.

But for now, you get this little sliver of gossip -- from Reality TV World, via Ben Maller -- that will surely impress Nikki from HR:
"Carrie would love to marry Tony," a so-called "insider" recently told In Touch Weekly. "They've been talking about getting engaged and it's probably going to be soon."

Speculation as to why Underwood has potential wedding bells ringing in her head reportedly stems from that fact that she took the time to try on "several wedding gowns" when she was deciding on what to wear to last month's Academy of Country Music Awards.
This is news. NFL quarterback marries pornstar. Not sure if two high-profile people have ever wed.

Wait, Underwood's not a pornstar? Bullshit. She's what? A singer? Fuck you, nutjob. If we want Underwood to be a pornstar, she'll be a motherfucking pornstar. C'mon. Her name is Under-Wood for chrissake.

Oh yeah, married or engaged or something. We expect an invite to the wedding.


rstiles said...

All I know, Romo better bang that shit as much as he can now, because he hasn't proved shit in the NFL...I still say, in 2 years this "pretty boy" will be some washed up back-up and Underwood will drop him like a whore going on her knees for a $20 trick...

GMoney said...

It's a great business decision for Romo because he can live off of her forever once his playing career is over in 2 years and he's bussing tables at Denny's.

mookie said...

the wedding will not happen because Tony Romo will drop the wedding ring through a sewer.

WCT said...

my buddy here in NYC coined the nickname "Tony Homo" last November. Good to see it has made it all the way to the other side of the continent!

Anonymous said...

yeah, no one else could think of tony home

it must be your friend's doing...

My Damn Self said...

I cannot believe that you came within shouting distance in the voting vs. Jay Busbee.

I read your Joe Torre 'piece' - and left you some kinds words at the end of it.

Now, write down this word:


It refers to a symbol.

Here is the symbol: *

Since you will soon be yapping about the placement of asterisks on all things Bonds, I thought that you should have at least a prayer of spelling it correctly.

Let's look into the near future and see how such an entry would appear:

Record for .....

Barry Bonds*



The pronunciation ends with -isk, not -iks.

Start practicing.

You will need it.

Anonymous said...

hi. cowboys stink! they lsot to redskins!! lol

Anonymous said...

Tony Romo is awesome and I really think him and Carrie will be awesome for eachother. Go COWBOYS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmmm hi. i like money