Monday, June 11, 2007

Amanda Beard will sign naked pictures of herself for you

Ah. Sports and chicks coming together yet again. Happy Monday, Big Picture readers.

For those of you in the New York area, Beard, whose sexy ass (literally) was in the July issue of Playboy, will be signing those pics for you on Thursday. The details are in that trouser-shaking image above. (This With Leather post has links to the NSFW pics).

We'd love to be there, but we have this little problem being on the West Coast. Oh, and we don't want to overwhelm Amanda with our hotness.

When you go, tell them The Big Picture referred you. If enough of you refer to this post, Beard's next signing will be in a Seattle apartment with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.*

Stop by, tell Amanda hi and don't forget to mention that 86% of this site's readers would happily plow her. People love compliments, ya know.

*We're dead serious.


GMoney said...

whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a brown bag for that airbrusher's nightmare...I was in that 14%, fuck her.

JMC said...


congratulations, your girlfriend must be really fucking hot

rstiles said...

Beard does have a nice ass....Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm Good

GMoney said...

The hotness of my girlfriend is in direct correlation of hum much money is in my wallet.