Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The best stadium to watch an MLB game

We had a lot of fun with our little hypothetical post last week about the best city to live in, so we thought we'd keep this little game going.

Today's question: best stadium to watch a pro baseball game?

Some things to consider:

-Hot chicks in the crowd?
-How passionate are the surrounding fans?
-Good view?
-Quality/variety of concessions
-Price of tickets, beer, etc.

Feel free to say Pro Player Stadium. We might tell you to go fuck yourself, but, ya know, feel free.

Our top five will lead off the comments.

Alrighty, baseball fans. The comment section is the back seat of an uncomfortable car, like a Volkswagen: get it on!


The Big Picture said...

1. PNC (Pirates)
2. AT&T (Giants)
3. Wrigley
4. Camden Yards
5. Ballpark at Arlington (Rangers)

Anonymous said...

Mike said...

wow. really? the ballpark in Arlington? Being a Dallasite for 20+ years now, I think that the stadium is gorgeous. But it's in Arlington and it's rarely sold out due to how large it is. So the atmosphere is never that great. And I hate to say it, but the fan loyalty is poor. Plus leaving Fenway off and having the Ballpark in Arlington on just seems like murder.

Love that you are giving the Rangers some props though.

Anonymous said...

PNC's good, but I'd rather be over at Citizen's Bank Park across the state. Nothing like gettin' a delicious Philly cheesesteak and sittin' down to watch Cole Hamels own batters.

Signal to Noise said...

I gotta go with Wrigley. Best stadium experience I'd had at a game, ever -- day game with an ex-GF back in 2000.

Coors Field probably ranks lower these days, but back when the stadium opened, I liked the digs a lot.

rstiles said...

I've been to Yankee Stadium and it was like walking on holy ground....

But I have to say, PNC Park in Pittsburgh is absolutely are right on top of the game no matter where you sit...and it is nice and small

Anonymous said...

PNC - sightline are great not a bad seay anywhere.
Fenway - the history and got to sit on top of the monster it was awesome.
Going to Camden Yards this fall I hope its worth it.

A wary fan said...

I've been to 42 MLB parks for games, here's my list:

1. AT&T (Giants)
2. Wrigley (Cubs)
3. Citizen'Bank (Phillies)
4. PNC (Pirates)
5. Minute Maid (Astros)

The worst still being used:
28. Shea (Mets)
29. Metrodome (Twins)
30. RFK (Nationals)

Mr. Thursday said...

A Wary Fan and anonymous--I've gotta disagree with you about Citizens Bank Park. It's my home stadium and all, and the more I go there, the less I like it. You can't see large portions of the field from most of the seats. The main attraction, "Ashburn Alley", is positioned so you cannot see them game from the actual alley. If you can't see the game, you can't make my list. Even if it does have the best stadium food in baseball.

1. Fenway (all seats are low to the ground. Easy to move up to better seats)
2. PNC (beautiful park, good view, can see the entire field)
3. Camden Yards (a poor man's PNC)
4. Yankee Stadium (best atmosphere, always packed, always loud. Of course, it's always disgusting, too)
5. Angel Stadium (Good food, beautiful stadium).

GMoney said...

Camden Yards in the late 90's was phenomenal, Yankee Stadium still is a great place to go, and Fenway Park is a rat-infested dump that only a New Englander would like.

Sun Devil said...

Camden Yards is the best I have seen, albeit out of a limited sample.

Wrigley sucked. Too smelly and small, plus it's full of Cubs fans. Chase Field in Arizona is great when it is full, but you need another mortgage to afford it.

The best stadium to watch a game, although it is not MLB, is Packard Stadium in Tempe, AZ. Hottest chicks ever, cheap prices (the booze costs however much Circle K is charging), and a great atmosphere. And plenty of future MLB players.

JMC said...

of the parks I've been to:

1. AT&T
2. Wrigley
3. Camden
4. Fenway
5. Safeco

of course, I've only been to about 6 or 7 parks total so my list is pretty useless. And I went to Fenway when I was really young so I barely remember it. I left Yankee stadium off the list because, as historical as it is, I didn't find the experience of watching a game there especially noteworthy. plus the supposed fans were doing the wave during the 8th inning of a one run game.

mookie said...

At&T (Giants). Maybe it's a homer thing because I'm a bay area native, but the view is nice, McCovey cove is there, and the fans are gay, I mean passionate. I wouldn't know about beer or chicks since I was 6 years old at the time. I think they called it 3com park.

Anonymous said...

being a diehard red sox fan i'd have to say Fenway is the best purely because of the atmosphere. as nasty, crowded and small as the stadium is, the fans are far more passionate than anywhere else (none of this yankee stadium passion bullshit...yankee fans are historically fair weather and right now, most of them are "mets fans".) growing up in boston, ive held fenway as the standard and every other stadium has felt very dull (that being said, ive only been to the oakland stadium, dodger stadium, camden yards, olympic stadium (montreal), yankee stadium and the new busch stadium). when fans are going nuts over a first inning josh beckett strikeout on april 15th you know the whole city has a sickness.

Simon said...

Beer prices should figure highly in this analysis, any major market teams prices are through the roof, especially fenway.

The Big Picture said...

i've been to fenway...great fans. no doubt. great atmosphere in general.

but the place, no matter how sacriligeous this might sound, was a dump. old, uncomfortable, smelly. it'd maybe rank 6 or 7 on my list.

i really liked the ballpark at arlington for pretty much the opposite reasons as fenway. pretty, spacious, clean. but bad fans, weak atmosphere, etc.

it'd love to see a game at citizen's bank and Petco. haven't made it to those yet, but they are gorgeous on TV. the new busch too.

Anonymous said...

RFK is amazing...

MDG said...

1. PNC
2. Camden
3. Fenway
4. AT&T
5. New DC Stadium aka Geico Field at XM Satellite Radio Stadium.

As a Sox fan I'd say Fenway ranks high on everything except comfort, sight lines, and beer prices. But PNC was like Camden only newer and cheaper.

Kevin Hayward said...

1. ATT. I haven't been to PNC, but it seems like that's the only one that can compare.
2. Fenway/Wrigley tie. So much history.
4. Safeco Field. Great place to watch a game, especially on a beautiful summer night. Also nice to know that you'll get to see a game, even if the weather sucks.
5. McAfee Coliseum.... Just yankin' your chain!

The Big Picture said...


are the Nats really getting a new stadium soon? that'd be awesome! i love to see what these new masterpieces look like.

Anonymous said...

When it first opened U.S. Cellular(aka Comiskey Park) was a total DUMP!! Now with the improvements(i.e. lowering the upper deck, bringing in the fences, painting seats green, watching the game in the centerfield deck, etc.) I must say that its a nice place to watch a game. However, the area its in still is undesirable!!!

Anonymous said...

My Top 5?
The ones I've been to:

3)Wrigley(MAJOR HOT CHICKS!!!)
5)Yankee Stadium

Anonymous said...

1. fenway
2. old busch
3. att
4. dodger stadium
5. safeco

Donny Caldwell said...

veterans stadium. or the astrodome. but really, has anyone been to minute maid park?

twins15 said...

I've only been to a few... so I'll have to go with Wrigley.

Ry said...

You fuckers, Miller Park is #1. No rainouts and more conveinces than any other ballpark. Yeah, Fenway and Wrigley are cool for one game, you go to 25 games and it turns into a bitch.

Texas Gal said...

1. Wrigley
2. Fenway
3. PNC
4. Citizens Bank
5. The Cell (no, really!)

WCT said...

As much as I hate the yankees, yankee stadium is like a cathedral. You can just feel the history when you walk in there. And I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Jake! That place is immaculate

Dummy said...

I prefer Arlington so you can see a bunch of fat, smelly, fat, stinky, and fat people that should be forced to walk around the stadium 10 times before sitting down and gorging themselves on $1 hotdog nights. And yes, I was born and raised in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even a Red Sox fan but clearly, Fenway is vibe of all baseball vibes! Then there are the Green Monster seats. THE BOMB!!!!

dwarftosser said...

Been to them all this year:
1. PNC - on a full Friday, its baseball heaven
2. AT&T - gorgeous but pricy
3. Wrigley - love the classics
4. Fenway - they've done a lot to improve the place in the past 6 years. Too bad you can't get a seat.
5. Comerica Park - best exterior architecture in baseball

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Anonymous said...

You just can't beat Wrigley. The Ivy! The Old Style! The Most Loyal Fans On The Planet! And don't forget... the hottest chicks imaginable.