Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Mariners are a sinking ship

[Editor's note: This week's Blogger Interview will run tomorrow, not today like we earlier said. Sorry. Don't sue.]

Is it tasteless to make fun of the Titanic? No, not the movie. We might be the only people on Earth that haven't seen it. But we're sure it's fucking terrible. And Kate Winslet's tits probably don't look that good anyway.

We're referring more to the actual ship that sunk. And like helluv people died. That sucks. But regardless, the Seattle Mariners are a sinking ship.

They've lost 11 of 12 -- the latest a 10-2 loss to the Yankees after surrendering eight runs in the seventh inning -- and the mid-season question of "how the hell are the M's this good?" is becoming realizations of, "yep, that's more like it."

The folks at Lookout Landing have pretty much thrown in the towel and Geoff Baker, on his Seattle Times blog, says, "A team just can't collapse the way Seattle did two nights in a row and expect to make the playoffs."

Oh, and the bullpen. That's what carried this team for about four months and is now shooting it in the foot.

Yeah. The playoffs probably aren't gonna happen for the M's this season. Whatever. We just can't get over the fact that Jeff Weaver is still in the starting rotation.


GMoney said...

I don't know, I think Kate Winslet's do make it worth your while. Just fast forward to that scene, you won't be sorry.

JMC said...

I'm still pulling for the M's to beat out the Angels (call it 2002 World Series bitterness)

Anonymous said...

Titanic is a godawful movie, but let's not put the blame on Kate Winslet. She's a lovely, dirty tramp, and her work on "Extras" would be enough to convince you that should she turn sportscaster, she would easily end up in the Final Four of your tourney.

Of course, I found Sam Ryan to be irresistable,and she got the shit kicked out of her, so what do I know.