Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Highway robbery, six years later

Remember the 2001 NFL Draft? It was a wild one. Lots of impact players, steals and busts.

But we noticed -- we might just be the last people on Earth -- that San Diego (now, anyway) pretty much violated the Atlanta Falcons the way a drunk frat boy takes advantage of more drunk "20-year old."
The San Diego Chargers traded the top pick in the NFL draft to the Atlanta Falcons on Friday after apparently failing to reach a deal with Michael Vick.

The Falcons got the opening pick in exchange for the fifth overall pick in the first round, their third-round pick, their second-round pick in 2002 and wide receiver Tim Dwight.

So the 'Bolts gave up a dog killer (good athlete though) for what's now the best running back in the league in LT. That third-round pick in 2001 was Tay Cody, CB, Florida State. We don't think he's still in the league. But the second-round pick in '02 became Reche Caldwell who's not a half-bad receiver. And Tim Dwight was OK for a while.

Yeah, pretty bad trade for the ATL.


Anonymous said...

The real irony is that if the Cleveland Browns didn't fire Chris Palmer, LT would be there.

GMoney said...

The Bengals could have had Stephen Jackson but traded down a few picks to grab the great Chris Perry.

Anonymous said...

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JMC said...

um, yeah, atlanta is looking back saying "oops." Of course, there were 3 other teams that passed on LT in order to take Leonard Davis, Gerard Warren, and Justin Smith. Pretty crappy top of the first round that year. Some good picks came later (Nate Clements, Santana Moss, Todd Heap, Deuce McAllister, Reggie Wayne). San Diego certainly came up big that day. Let's not forget that they ended up taking Drew Brees at the top of Round 2, and he turned out alright.

Also, there were NO good QBs in th draft after Vick and Brees so you could see why they would move up. Other QBs included Quincy Carter, Marques Tuiasosopo, Chris Weinke, and Sage Rosenfels.

The Big Picture said...


Jordi said...

Hey i remember tay cody. wow, what a blast from the past he was. him and chris hope (formerly of the steelers-i think now with tenn.) were FSU's championship backfield.