Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blogger Reach-Arounds

Blogger Reach-Arounds" is The Big Picture's link dump that runs every Wednesday. But sometimes Thursday. But usually Wednesday. Send your links -- current posts or those within the last week -- to by Tuesday night.

NFL action begins tomorrow! We've had our fantasy draft(s) and we think we've come out pretty well. Wait, wait, wait on QB. We got the guys we wanted late.

We made the move back to Seattle from a summer in the Bay Area Monday. Our sparratic posting the last two months should disappear. We're back to our regular schedule and things should be normal around here yet again.

We're bringing back Blogger Interviews tomorrow after about a three-month break and we're really excited about our guest.

If you think Pam Anderson's not what she used to be, well, you might want to question your sexual preferences. Check out these photos that What Would Tyler Durden Do dug up. Springs you up in a heartbeat.

1.) The Serious Tip has an interview with a Playboy model, who may or may not be an angel. And she says, if she weren't in a relationship, she'd give bloggers a shot!

2.) Awful Announcing is giving away an iPhone! You just need to win an NFL pick 'em contest, which is probably harder than scrounging up $600.

3.) East Coast Bias provides a list of why your favorite NFL team is going to suck.

4.) The Nosebleeds NFL Blog gets you ready for Steelers-Browns week, still perhaps the best rivalry in football.

5.) Whoopi Goldberg said some fucked up shit about Mike Vick on her debut of The View. Our Book of Scrap with the details...

6.) Stiles Points gets some answers about LSU football, via an interview with a writer for TheBaton Rouge Advocate .

7.) The Sports Hernia has key footage of the George Mitchell steroid investigation.

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GMoney said...

Umm, no, the entire NFC East laughs at the Steelers/Browns rivalry.