Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yi Jianlian likes steak

Ni hao. (Nee-ha-ow). It's me again.

Things I like: steak, the Michigan Lake, analogies, cashmere, slang, sitcoms, Mrs. Dash, hiking boots, NBA, iambic pentameter, E!, Cherry Garcia.

Things I don't like: preservatives, the Eerie Lake, slam poetry, The Hills, serrated knives, Reese Witherspoon, Nutter Butter, jealousy.

I also like fitting in. And I'm really starting to fit in, on and off the court in Milwaukee. I'm adjusting well.

I joke around with my teammates, I practice hard and I know that "fuck" is a noun and a verb. I though Chinese was a difficult language, but boy is English sure tough.

I'm doing OK on the court too. I score some points, make some rebounds and fuck the other team's player, which makes them shoot free throws. My coach is telling me to not fuck so much, especially late in the game.

My "basketball" English is improving fast too. I know that Marbury is 非常疯狂. Look that up. I also know pick and roll. I do both!

I also like sarcasm. And Tiramisu.


GMoney said...

I have to admit, Yi has been pretty good so far. I did not see this coming. It has to piss you off that the Sonics could have had him and Durant, but they decided that the very average Jeff Green was a better selection...good call.

flohtingPoint said...

That is the creepiest picture of Yi I've ever seen. I am mortified and this will haunt my dreams for years to come.