Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mike Lowell's jock not appropriate for eBay

Because the undergarments of Major Leaguers is newsworthy...From the Boston Herald (Boston Herald?) via Ben Maller:
Red Sox captain Jason Varitek's game-used spandex undies sold for $255 on eBay the other day, but the cyber auction site couldn't support the sale of World Series MVP Mike Lowell's jock.

SportsWorld memorabilia man Phil Castinetti said eBay yanked Mike's well-used athletic supporter -- with his number on it -- from the site the other day, saying it was "adult-oriented" material.
Other things that eBay considers "adult-oriented" material: Pornography, Grape-Nuts and Brave New World.

Meanwhile, if you want a crash course in how not to get hired by a newspaper, click that Boston Herald link above. Really quality stuff.


JMC said...

Does this mean that my dream of one day selling my penis cheeto can never happen!??!

Penis Cheeto

Chris said...

grape nuts are hot!