Monday, December 17, 2007

NBA coach drops f-bomb, world stands still

In an effort to get trite quotes from coaches during games, NBA commish David Stern has teamed with TNT and ESPN to mike coaches for certain games. Jazz coach Jerry Sloan was one of those lucky few, and, well, it backfired a bit.

From the Rocky Mountain News via Ben Maller:

During a Wednesday ESPN game, a miked Jerry Sloan used a four-letter word after addressing his team at halftime.

What makes it such a problem is Sloan's speech wasn't live.

"We apologize for the inadvertent expletive during a taped halftime segment Wednesday night during the Utah-Phoenix telecast," ESPN spokesman Mark Mandel said, reading a prepared statement. "It was said quietly, and we missed it."

ESPN and NBA officials have been in communication with the Jazz. NBA spokesman Mark Broussard said it was a "mistake" in that the "approved segment ran two seconds too long."

Ground-breaking stuff.

This post without video is about as meaningless as a porn website without porn, but hey, we like to swear too, so Jerry Sloan is our new favorite coach. YouTube is failing us though, so if you have super powers, send video ASAP!

So yeah, a coach said "fuck." Or "fucking." Either way...

In related news, the sun rises in the east.

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