Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rollins makes 'magic happen' in vibrating bed

If an MVP trophy, playoff appearance and bundles of cash weren't enough for Phillies star and Alameda, Calif. native Jimmy Rollins, he shows off his vibrating bed among other things when his "crib" is featured on MTV Cribs.

From the Philly Inquirerer via the invaluable Ben Maller:
Cameras for MTV's Cribs toured the Gloucester County house of Jimmy Rollins, and the Phillies shortstop seems proudest of his king-size bed.

Which vibrates.

"That's a great place to make the magic happen," he says, grinning and sounding like a most valuable playa.

Other great places to "make the magic happen" include centerfield at Citizens Bank Park, Cole Hamels' couch and the back of a Volkswagen.

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Gonzo said...

Looks like Anna Benson is marking her territory already.