Monday, March 10, 2008

The next great televison show

This was an email thread from a group of friends. If you aren't entirely sold, there's something wrong with you.
So I have this new idea for a pilot. I can't take full credit for it because there is a brilliant, brilliant mind here at the TV station. But here goes:

The show is called "Donkey Lighthouse."

A boat of donkeys being transported by a crew of men has crashed on a deserted island. The only thing on this island is a lighthouse. The crew is killed in the crash but the donkeys survive -- they will be the main characters.

The goal of the donkeys is to get rescued from this island. Big problem: the light in the lighthouse has burned out! No boats know the island exists, thus the donkeys can't get saved.

But in Episode Three there is a big breakthrough -- they discover a closet full of new bulbs. They can be rescued! But -- and we're banking that the audience has some familiarity with donkeys -- our characters don't have an opposable thumb. The light bulb can't be screwed in! They can't be rescued!

Romances are sure to develop, but this is really the story of survival and the fleeting hope of being rescued. How far will their determination take them? Can obstacles be overcome? Will they be saved?
TV execs or agents reading can direct offers here.


Echelon said...

"Fantastic pitch. Here's a bag of money," said Weinstein.a

GMoney said...

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Amaysing1 said...

Let's find a solid replacement for 'The Wire'