Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Joel Zumaya plans to keep on rockin' (in the free world)

Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves with the Neil Young reference in the headline. What can we say? We love the chops.

Anyway, we're not sure if Detroit Tigers flame-thrower Joel Zumaya likes Neil Young or not (our guess is an overwhelming "yes") but we're certain he can wail on the guitar...or at least the video game version of a guitar.

Zumaya, who was injured during last year's ALCS playing the Playstation 2 game "Guitar Hero," won't let the injury keep him from rocking. From (via Ben Maller):

"They had a tough time trying to find out what was wrong with my arm," Zumaya said, "and I told them I was playing this guitar game. I don't believe that's what it was, and to tell you the truth, I haven't stopped playing it.

"A lot of people have criticized me and told me, 'Joel, put it away.' But I'm still going to play it. Just not as often."
Fuck yeah! That's the rockstar attitude. Never give in. Never back down.

But dude, even though it's just a video game, whatever you do, don't even think about playing "Stairway." We hear they'll castrate you for that.

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