Friday, February 02, 2007

Jenn Sterger may be coming to a campus near you!

That's right, folks! Jenn's taking a road trip to college campuses across the country.

She'll be making stops at Wichita State, Oregon, Syracuse, LSU, Wisconsin and "a stint in Las Vegas," which we think means either she'll be stripping our checking out UNLV. The two are virtually interchangeable.

Jenn doesn't know her way around, she admits, because really, who's been to Wichita State? She's looking for a guide to take her around, show her the hotspots and teach her about the school spirit. For $10, you can probably cop a feel too.

We need your help, dear readers. If anyone is near these schools, please -- please! -- go, say hi to Jenn for us and snap some photos. Hell, Eugene, Ore. ain't all that far from Seattle. Maybe we'll go.

Don't know what we'd actually say to her if we met. We'd probably do our best not to mention her rack, but somehow we think we'd slip. "Hey Jenn, you're one of the breast writers at SI." Or, "Jenn, your writing is awfully titty." Or "Jenn, you're pretty hot, but you write like a fucking six-year-old with autism."

Yeah, whatever. But if you're around those towns, check out Jenn in person. See how she looks up close. We bet she's still hot. If you see her out at a bar or something, snap some photos. We love drunk photos. And we love Jenn. Together that'd be splendid.

Make us proud, people!

(Big ups to Signal to Noise and "kickers_suck" for the tip).

In other news: Sacramento Kings coach Eric Musselman has been suspended for two games for joyriding with the Stanford Tree and Eddie Sutton on Oct. 21.

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