Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bill Self: Man of the chickens

Word around the farm is that there were some live chickens released in Kansas State's Bramlage Coliseum before Monday's Wildcats-Jayhawks game.

According to the Kansas City Star, Kansas coach Bill Self had this to say:
“My first year here, one of them actually hit me,” Self said. “So this year I was pretty glad that we were on the other side of the court (from the students). I didn’t feel as threatened.”
A story like this merits a list:

1.) Chickens in a basketball arena is
a.) Cool
b.) Like very cool
c.) Illegal? Gotta be illegal, right?
d.) Was there cockfighting? We like cockfighting. So if there was, that like would be totally rad.

2.) Midwesterners amuse us -- in a good way.

3. ) A chicken hit Self a few years back?
a.) What, like a fucking chicken raised its dukes and slugged him?
b.) Or more like it was thrown and hit him?
c.) Or maybe it flew into him.

4.) Self says he's threatened by chickens
a.) Is he threatened by all fowl?
b.) What about chicken Parmesan? That shit is the chronic.
c.) Salmonella? It's Salmonella that worries him, isn't it?

Anyway, another neat story that falls in the category of things we couldn't have possibly made up. Thanks to "kickers_suck" for the tip.

In other news: Michigan State beat No. 1 Wisconsin 64-55 after Spartans coach Tom Izzo slipped Bucky the Badger some Roofies.


Anonymous said...

It happens every year KSU/KU play. I have no idea why this is news this year other than Huggy gets a few more looks midwest way.

NFL Adam said...

Self is a dumbass.

Travis said...

Here is the video of some chickens being thrown. I was there. They aren't live, but they are real.

It happens about about 25 seconds in or so. Right after Julian Wright's name is announced.

twins15 said...

Here are my answers:

1) B
2) I am a Midwesterner, and I do amuse myself. So true.
3) C
4) C

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

thanks for the video guys with insider knowledge know if this is a annual tradition? it's pretty funny.

Kickers_Suck said...

Just for the crap of it.....

Would you rather watch a Donkey show, or Cock Fight?

Benjamin said...

It happens more often than not but not every year. Most of the time they are live and painted red and blue. Security has to run around and try to catch them.

extrapolater said...

I think it's the bird flu that really concerns him. They gots labs up ta K-State where they are weaponizing chickens and goats.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

bird flu! brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me me like it doesn't take a whole lot to entertain morons.