Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Now that's what you call an ass-kicking

Local news for you today. Last week in a high school softball game between Woodinville (Wash.) High School and Franklin High of Seattle, Woodinville won 64-0. Softball. 64-0. Whoa!

The Wednesday KingCo 4A Conference game ended after five innings under the state's "mercy rule" that stops games if one team is ahead at that point by 10 runs. Woodinville got its runs in four innings and didn't bat in the fifth because it was the home team.

The score wasn't reported by either team and neither coach could be reached Saturday. However, word of the romp was spreading fast because an account of the game was on the Woodinville fastpitch Web site, which is connected with the school site.

The story was headlined "Falcons cause a 'hitquake' and said Woodinville amassed 60 hits in the drubbing. It included other facts such as the leadoff hitter going 8 for 10, scoring eight runs and knocking in eight runs.

The leadoff hitter was just 8-10? She got out twice?! Loser.

Anyway, kind of a bad situation for both teams. Losing 64-0 is no way to go out. And winning by that margin isn't too warm and fuzzy either. The coach is taking serious heat for it.

But what's a coach to do? Tell his players to intentionally get out? Maybe. At a point like that, the losing coach probably should have just taken a bat and beat the hell out of the other team. Though if the Franklin coach is anything like his girls, he probably couldn't hit them too hard.


JMC said...

sounds like Franklin was spending a little bit too much time at the tasting rooms in woodinville before that game... the question is, was it Ste Michelle or the Red Hook Brewery?

MDG said...

Ok starting in the back row right to left: No, No, No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No, No, No

Second Row (R-L): Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

front row (R-L): Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Good work on putting the uggos on the back line mr. photographer where ever you are.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

brilliant, MDG! age is just a number.

twins15 said...

Wow... I fully admit that in high school on one occassion my team lost by about 20... but um, 64-0? That's a lot.

Sparky Duck said...

Well its not like football, kind of hard to grind out the clock in a game without a clock.