Monday, March 12, 2007

Fuck the NIT. And fuck you. (Sorry, we didn't mean that)

Those of you who have been playing here at our little site for a while know that we're big Washington Huskies fans. It's been a tough year in Huskyville, but hey, it was a young team and a rebuilding year.

The Dawgs went 19-13, 8-10 in the Pac-10 and had some good wins. U-Dub beat UCLA, Oregon and USC. They were feel-good wins in a lost season.

Sure, we knew UW wasn't going dancing this season, but we were anticipating an NIT game in a very strong NIT field. Maybe even at home.

What's that? Washington didn't make the NIT? Really? Oh, well fuck you very much then.

Strange. We've been ripping the Stanford Cardinal pretty good over at The 'House, who, after tossing the Selection Committee's collective salad, are dancing.

A little comparison, if you will.


Record: 18-12, 10-8 Pac-10
RPI: 65
Big Wins: Washington State, UCLA, at Virginia, Texas Tech.
Notable Loss:
At home against Air Force. By 34. Thirty fucking four.


Record: 19-13, 8-10 Pac-10
RPI: 81
Big Wins: UCLA, Oregon, USC, Stanford.
Notable Loss:
Oregon State.

Those resumés aren't all that different. And the NIT committee -- may they rot in hell -- thinks that UW is 32 teams worse than the Cardinal?

We're confused. Then again Arkansas got an at-large bid and Drexel got an NIT three-seed. Is Josh Heytvelt dealing now? Gotta be.

Here's a list of the eight-person selection committee. In case you want to get a hold of them for any particular reason.


twins15 said...

I think all of the Selection Committies had a little bit of what Josh Heytvelt was having.

Mini Me said...

I have no idea what Stanford is doing in this field.

Travis said...

UW obviously should've made it to the NIT. But i guess stanford won the road games and UW would've likely played road game(s). Coach Romar, you're on the hot seat.

Sportszilla said...

As much as it pains me as a Husky fan, Washington is in the same boat as Syracuse. The out-of-conference schedule was so weak (since LSU decided to suck this year and the other two high-profile games @Gonzaga and @Pitt were both losses) that a decent conference record wasn't good enough. I agree that they should have been in the NIT, but Romar, Turner, and Co. deserve some of the blame for not taking on enough in the pre-conference schedule. That, plus one road win (against the 10th place Pac-10 team, Arizona state) just wasn't gonna cut it.

Travis said...

1-10 on the road+ Justin Dentmon playing like garbage= Coach Romar on the hot seat. The 1-10 road record and 2-11 away from Hec-Ed bank of america warren moon arena did the huskies in. It should be known that the 8 teams that got in automatically because of conference regular season titles, don't have a higher RPI than UW. who thinks the lady huskies are dancing?

Anonymous said...

No team with an RPI as high as 81 has ever received an at-large bid. Stanford's strength-of-schedule much stronger than Washington's. One road win (OUCH). Their win over UCLA came right after the Bruins clinched the Pac-10 regular season.

Not an impressive resume at all.

Anonymous said...

Don Devoe - no e-mail and most likely homeless

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

Stanford is a joke...but what about Arkansas? They were 7-9 in the weak SEC and were FOURTH in the SEC west, behind powerhouses Miss St., Ole Miss. I know they had a good SEC tournament, but what about the other 32 games they played this year??

Anonymous said...

UW should have made the field based on the Pac-10 RPI, the third strongest. How do you not take UW, when the top six teams from the Pac-10 all went to the NCAA. Bullshit.

Also, what about Santa Clara? No. 2 in the WCC? 20 win season, and their ex-basketball coach and ex-athletic director was on the fucking committee?!?!? WTF is up with that?!?!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, every NIT team looks pretty good when compared to Stanford.

David said...

And what about a 25 win Akron team that lost the MAC final on a banked 3 at the buzzer? Didn't the NIT go to 40 teams?

Ryan said...

Obviously you're forgetting two facts: (1) After the NCAA acquired the NIT it declared that every regular season champion that wasn't selected for the NCAA's would receive an auto-bit to the NIT; and (2) The NIT field was cut down to 32 from 40 this year.

With all the upsets in conference tournaments this year there weren't all that many at-large bids even for the NIT.

Plus, I don't know how you can look at those two resumes and really complain you got screwed comparied to Stamford. Look at Bucknell if you wanna see someone who really got screwed in the NIT.

Anonymous said...

And where's Bucknell?

I agree, fuck the NIT.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

yep. bucknell, akron got shafted too.

but you're right, Ryan.

college basketball was so even this season, that even the NIT's bubble was small. I'm just curious who the last teams in were and the last ones out.

DJR said...

What the hell? Drexel gets a 3 seed and Clemson gets a 1? The NIT is the red headed step child of College Basketball and it shows.

Travis said...

As much as I hate to even discuss the NIT, yes, the Dawgs got severely screwed here. That young team could really have used some post-season tournament experience. I do believe they will be in the pre-season NIT next year.

The reason for the softer, home-based, non-confernce schedule was because of the inexperience of the team.

Coach Romar is not on the hot seat, that isn't even funny. With the way that program has turned around, and the great recruiting so far, I hope he never leaves.

Of course, if I see as many stupid mistakes next year, as I saw this year, I may change my mind. But, I believe in Romar, and I think next season will have a lot fewer games that drive me absolutely crazy.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

exactly, travis. hearing whispers or romar on the hot seat is bullshit. he's the best thing to happen to U-Dub hoops in a long time. he should have a lifetime contract.

Anonymous said...

Dawgs suck go Ducks Taujan Porter is the man.

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William said...

To be fair, every NIT team looks pretty good when compared to Stanford.