Friday, March 30, 2007

And for five credits you can bang a disease-free prostitute

News coming out of South Florida in the last 24 hours is not about the Florida basketball team. (Though we're not sure Gainesville is in South Florida anyway, and frankly we don't give a fuck; Florida is one, big, happy, hot-ass babe, sunshine-y state as far as we're concerned).

Lynn University, in Boca Raton, is giving students in its Sports Management program three credits to go to the Final Four, a Georgia Tech baseball game and a Thrashers hockey game.

They also have to do actual work that consists of whatever it is that they do for work at Lynn U, which we can't imagine is much.

We'd also like to think that a few of the kids will get laid from that slutty girl who sits in the back row in the five-star hotel they're probably staying in, and that the Emilio Estevez character will take a few lines of pure, uncut cocaine.

Still. Pretty cool. We once dropped a deuce in a pretty dirty bathroom at U-Dub. The brevity aside, we thought it was at least worth a credit.


Sparky Duck said...

the school is in boca raton, of course its a joke

Anonymous said...

Lynn's not a complete joke. Academics aren't completely challenging but it's really more about making job connections here.